On November 7 and 8th, 2009, the Ozark Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run, a point-to-point 100 mile ultra-marathon, will occur on the Ozark Trail through the Mark Twain National Forest in south central Missouri. The Ozark Trail Karkagne, Middle Fork, Trace Creek and Courtois Creek Sections will be used. Trail maps used by runners and crew and an elevation chart can be found on the St. Louis Ultrarunners Group website.  Just one of the many runners will be Amy Palmiero-Winters who was featured in this article for her achievements (ultra marathoner with a prosthetic leg).

Amy Palmiero-Winters has set records for amputees, including for 50 trail miles and 100 road miles.

Amy Palmiero-Winters has set records for amputees, including for 50 trail miles and 100 road miles.

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  1. Paul Gaines says:

    Chuck asked me to explain why Treeland Inc. feels that we should post our property that contains Cathedral Canyon..

    The U.S. Forest Service developed a salvage plan for an area of ground that borders our property in this area as a result of the terrible storm that we had on May 8th 2009. There were straight line winds that destroyed thousands of acres of timber in this area. The area has been changed forever! In many areas 80% of the timber stand is completely down on the ground! Out of our 900 or so acres almost half was severely damaged. The surrounding areas that the Forest Service has is damaged also. In the next weeks I will provide some pictures of some of the damage so you can see how awful it is.

    We use this area for recreational purposes such as hunting, hiking etc. Our business is growing timber for Madison County Wood Products Inc., however this property was not for that purpose. When the property was acquired my father absolutely fell in love with the beauty of it and decided to share it with family and friends, and hikers who used the trail going into the canyon. For many years we have appreciated the respect that people showed for our property. Never once have we had to clean up trash along the trail!

    Fall of 2009 we hear that several groups (Missouri Wilderness Coalition, Sierra Club, Heartwood) were trying to prevent the Forest Service from selling down timber on an area well away from the Canyon that borders our property. Our interest in seeing this area salvaged is to clean it up so we/you could eventually use the area for recreation. My father an I love to turkey hunt together in the Spring. The way the damage has occurred you cannot even begin to make your way through the forest. The timber is laying like dominoes piled on top of each other.

    We shared our interest with the three groups and when they blew us off we wrote a letter to the local sierra club that we would close our property lines if they and the other groups did not show any concern or respect for our needs in this area.

    To make a long story a little shorter we were promised by a member of Heartwood that we would be invited to a meeting with them and the Forest Service on the property to try to come to a mutual agreement.

    This week we were notified by the Forest Service that they met with Heartwood, Missouri Wilderness Coalition, and The Sierra Club and decided not to move forward with the sale. They said that the groups threatened to sue and they didn’t want to be tied up in that.

    We were not invited to the meeting and are very disappointed in the outcome. We were lied to, and will not forget it!

    I know I only mentioned my father and I but there were many other people that we know that use that land for recreational use that commented in support for the sale. I researched many Internet sites that these organizations were asking for people to comment negatively on the sale. All of these sites were very vague on what had happened to the property and suggested that it was an attempt to open roads and destroy the ecosystem.

    No one can change what happened on May 8th, and I wish the area were not damaged by the storm. I didn’t even care who did the salvage work. I just wanted to see the area accessible again (by foot).

    Now, you know why we are posting the property and I hope you can understand our reasoning. I know that not every person who hikes up that trail is a member of one of these organizations, but I guarantee you that many of you are.

    Why should we care about other peoples uses of this area when they do not care about ours? Fair is Fair

    If people want to use the area we expect you to ask us for written permission before you enter. We are not bluffing on this. We will prosecute if we catch anyone trespassing on this piece of property.

    Please let these groups know your opinions on this matter. Our aim is to show the true nature of some of the leaders of these groups, and this should catch some attention of members and supporters.

    If you DON’T support these groups you can email me to let me know, and we will consider allowing you access to the part of the trail including the Canyon that we own.

    My email is p.gaines@mcwp.com

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